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Dec 9, 2013 4:00am EST
down on offshore tax evasion. asked buts are being on regulars to participate in a program with american authorities. manus cranny's here at the latest on the story. is this the end of swiss banking secrecy as we know it? >> definitely a turning point. the french and the u.k. all depended on the whistleblower case. with the u.s. goes up in legal battering ram you can be pretty sure the rest will follow. wars on the cards as a department of justice saying listen, you can have a waiver, you can have an exemption, you have to sign up. the regulator and switzerland is saying get on board, get over yourselves. there are 300 banks enough to make the decision with the to join in on a voluntary program with the disclose information or indeed run the risk of quite significant fines and prosecution. >> that is a concern. if you don't sign up now voluntarily, further down the line they could have huge fines. be excluded from doing business in the usa. that is a critical part of the story. >> thank you, manus cranny. brazil's regulators have been cracking down on some big names. one is one
Dec 10, 2013 3:00am EST
euros to allow the shifting of access to microsoft. they were frozen this year in a tax dispute. siemens is said to be considering a deal of its medical unit. it is not considered to be a core business. the chief executive is evaluating the portfolio of the largest engineering. novartis is considering swapping animal health unit of one with assets rather than selling. face change is one of several options exploring. of you several options that are exploring. the allergy medicine is said to be attractive. announced record profits earlier this morning. manus is here to break down the numbers. what drove the numbers? >> the right product and squeezing margins higher. your speciality products. unique. they said we interact and won't more. that fills the margins. that is doing better. also doing quite nicely and the u.k. and nordics. it is where they are beginning to build the margin. if your shareholder, you get a nice up left on the dividend. ift on the dividend. they are carrying more people in the u.k. and nordics. .hey are building the margin they had a pretty good set of numbers recentl
Dec 8, 2013 8:00pm EST
restructuring as well as the motions of startup businesses. regarding the effective corporate tax rates starting next fiscal year, we have decided to reduce by 2.4%. we will be moving forward with reviews and studies as to how corporate tax should be in order for cap -- japanese companies to stay competitive. there is no end to abenomics. the cabinet will approve the related policies on the growth strategy. we will announce the timing of their execution and administer these policies. >> there is a growing number of criticisms saying that abenomics is running out of steam after .oday by state a showed growth james, why was growth revised down? what is the readthrough for this when it comes to the prime minister's policies? growth was much slower than we expected. it was 1.1% annualized which is lower than the estimate and much lower than the 3.6% we saw last quarter. the two main factors here causing the slowdown were business investment which has stalled and companies drawing down inventories. are going to pick up this quarter and in the next quarter, going until april when the sales ta
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3